Are Home Based Business Scams?

The internet is flooded with information about making money on online and everyone wants a piece of the pie, and why not? It’s a free enterprise right? Everyone deserves financial prosperity and abundance. It is after all “your birth-right”

To answer this title question, I will be very bold in saying that [YES] there are internet scams out there that folks should be aware of [as] there are scams online, [equally] there are well intentioned home base businesses on the internet that are operating successfully and many are benefiting from them. This piece of information is necessary to acknowledge in order to balancing out the two positive and negative.. This article will help you to recognize the far-fetched home based businesses and also guide you to the real opportunities.

Here are some of the folks that are a huge target for home base business Scams:

o Professional Moms who are considering the alternative of migrating home from the work force, to raise their children and the idea of making money at home sounds wonderful, “allowing her to do both.”

o Stay at home moms who is already at home, depending on a one income family to survive, thinks she can help add to that income and make some money online. Why not? She can expand in her field [as] mom and earn $$, become a professional mom from the comfort of her own home.

o Retired folks are still young-at-heart, retirement doesn’t mean [dead]. One might want to explore the internet and make some investments expecting a substantial return. Big thinkers do this. This is a totally awesome idea. Or someone who wants to add to their retirement income.

o Students that are above age or under age can’t go out and find part-time jobs but are feeling the squeeze of needing money. Many are online seeking ways of making money without investing anything, obviously for many reasons.

o Regular Folks with jobs who wants to add to their income or find ways online to replace their income. If you’ve never done any kind of network marketing businesses or home based business, then you can become a target for scams. People with no experience on the net are targeted for scams with all the hype up businesses out here on the net.

All the hype up websites that promises prosperity overnight, do little earn a lot, total automated business, no need to do anything, all you need is a computer and internet, no skills required, hidden fees e.g.

So how does one steer away from such scams and find an opportunity that is real, legitimate and sound? I don’t have a technical hyped up answer to give you. In fact you may be surprised at my answer. It is simple.

You research and gather information about a specific company, their products and services through the net, just as you would any thing else. If you were going out to find a job you would do your homework on the company you’re interested in. You would find out what the job requirements are, your duties and responsibilities, the hours that the company need you to be available for, how much the job pays, how far is it from your home, calculating your travel time and such. You would do your research in detail to acquire all the information about your involvement and what the company is willing to pay for your worth.

Why then do people assume that working with a company online would be any different? I wouldn’t answer that because it’s an individual question. Here is the key to finding an opportunity online that will be a match for you. Your research for a business opportunity should include a number of things.

Your first priority should be to find a business opportunity that matches your interest. I can’t stress on this enough. It doesn’t matter how much you can make selling a product you have no interest in or even the slightest interest in learning about, don’t do it. Begin your research by finding out what you would enjoy doing. Once you’ve figured that out, Google the subject of your interest to initialize your research. Visit the website that shared your interest and ideas. Invest in yourself by READING. People are so good at scanning on the internet no one stops to read what they are really saying YES to or what they are saying NO to.

This is the most important aspect of a business research. Taking the time to read the information on the site will educate you on a company’s products and services. After you’ve found a website that completely make sense to you, feel free to leave your information by opting into the website with your name and email address. You will begin to receive emails from the company about the business opportunity. The emails usually have three important features enclosed. The information contained about the opportunity, the person’s contact information and an OPT out link in case you’ve changed your mind about receiving the information. You can always click the link to stop receiving information from this person.

To continue your research, assuming you’ve decided to learn more about this company. Make a list of all the questions that you have, if the emails and website information doesn’t answer all of your questions. Contact the person by phone or email to introduce yourself and ask your questions.

You can repeat this process until you’ve found an opportunity that matches your interest and the income goal that you desire. If you are not the only decision maker when researching an opportunity, make sure that when you contact the website owner that both you and your partner are there to hear the information. It is not enough of an excuse or business-like to tell the person who is investing in educating you about an opportunity that you have to talk to someone else before you make a decision. If you are not satisfied with the information that you received, thank the person for their time and let them know that it doesn’t sound like this opportunity is a match for you. They will appreciate that.

Remember to use the SAME research concept that you would, finding a job, when seeking an opportunity online.

Note: when you are starting any brand new field of work you will need to make adjustments, learn new skills, adapt to a new work environment, it is all the same when you make a decision to work online. The only exception that you would have to really master is, the notion that a JOB pays you for showing up everyday and a business pays you for your efforts. This is a subject for another article. Stay tuned.

Quote: “Businesses don’t fail, people do” By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.

Here are some of the work-at-home ads you need to watch out for that has a high scam rate on the internet. These types of companies will request that you paid a fee before you can get started with them but after they’ve received the payment, they don’t usually provide you with anything but information.

Stuffing Envelopes
Seriously, you don’t think that a company will send you huge boxes of paper work and empty envelopes for you to stuff for them, when they can out source their entire business in places like China & India for cheap labour. It’s happening right now with very big companies. Wonder why huge companies are downsizing, it isn’t because they don’t have enough work for people to do.

Assembling products
This sounds more like manual labourer or a work at home idea. The people that tried this avenue of work at home has reported how exhausting and frustrating it is assembling beaded jewellery without specific instructions, and companies are refusing their work that was sent back because it wasn’t done properly. There is not longevity or stability in this line of work and the investment to get started can be considered a lesson to be learned never to attempt this in the future.

Paid Surveys
There are a lot of companies that will ask you for a fee before they provided you with surveys. You should not EVER have to pay for this type of work. What these companies or individuals do is take your money and they offer you a directory of survey companies. You don’t need to pay for a directory of anything online, simply Google your search for “paid survey directories” and you will have the same list.

Quote: “Businesses don’t fail, people do” By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.

Don’t take for granted anything online. Treat find a business online as anything else important in your life.

Wise Home Insurance Buying Through Home Insurance Quotes Online

A regular American family’s monthly expenses are usually composed of food, utility, mortgage and bills. Buying a new home can be quite expensive especially for someone who is just starting a family, more so getting home insurance, too. In California where natural disaster like wildfire and earthquake happens from time to time, protecting your him is a must and many Californians are always looking for ways to save money on home insurances, many are browsing the internet looking for California home insurance quotes online that offer low rates.

There are many ways to save money while ensuring premium protection for your home. All it takes is to know the coverage policies that work. Through studying your policy one can come up with ways to save money. Here is some money saving tips without cutting the ice cream out of your grocery list.

Calculate and Compare
For first-time home insurance buyers, the first step is choosing the right insurer for you. Scout for the best coverage policy with a reasonable rate with high protection for your home. Calculate and investigate. Before purchasing a house, investigate first the risks. Is it near rivers or stream that is prone to flooding? Is it located in a natural disaster prone area? Is it in an area with a high crime rate? After asking these questions, determine the cost and rate before buying one to see if the house you have bought will need a lot of coverage.

Build, Protect, Secure and Save money
Insurers offer deductibles in your premium. House protections like improvements and reinforcements can cut down your rates. Retrofitting an older home in an earthquake zone or reinforcing roof of houses in windstorm areas or installing Fire alarms in wildfire prone areas like in California are some ways to lower rates. Security measures can also lower your rates. Locking systems and anti burglar devices can grant you discounts, as well. However, most of these devices are expensive and may not count for a discount depending on the agency. Inquire first if these devices qualify for a discount before buying pricey security systems.

Buy more, Save more
Insurers offer discounts for loyal customers, bulk-buying policies can grant you big discounts. If reasonable policies and rates of your insurers apply to all of their packages like health and auto, do not hesitate to bulk-buy. However always compare prices with other companies to find the best policy.

Observe, Canvass and Change
Changing insurers is also a good way to save money special if you found another insurance company that offers the same coverage at a lower rate. Many insurers are being established in California, so having options will not be problem. Always check the homeowners’ forum to get best tips from fellow holders, browsing the net and getting California home insurance quotes online from various website of insurers is a good way to be updated on the current rates and getting the best deals.

What You Need to Know Now Before Buying Your First Home

If you are contemplating buying yourself a home, you should know that there is a proper procedure that you should follow in order for you to be able to secure yourself a good house and to be able to ensure yourself that you will be able to finish paying off what you owe on such a house. For starters, before you do buy a home, you need to determine if paying mortgage every month is ideal in your area as compared to paying rent.

If real estate costs in your area are high and seem pretty steep for your current and near future financial situation, it would probably be best to postpone buying a house until you are more financially stable. If conditions for buying a house in your area are favorable however, then you should take the following steps to secure yourself your first home:

Credit Score and Credit Report Check – It would probably be best if you check out your credit report and score before you take out a loan. This will help you determine up to what extent you can borrow money to buy a home for. Your credit score will often help determine the interest rates of the loans you will be taking out as well as the amount of money you may be allowed to borrow towards buying a home

Calculate How Much You Can Borrow – There are sites that help you calculate and project how much you can borrow and how much you are expected to pay every month when it comes to home loans and mortgages. You will find that home affordability calculators online can help you find out if you can afford the kind of house you want on your budget and on your income. You will be able to see just how much you will need for down payments, lawyer fees and other expenses with such a calculator.

Get in Touch with a Real Estate Agent – If you don’t know who to trust when it comes to real estate agents, ask friends and family if they can recommend someone to you. You can also check with the BBB or Better Business Bureau for names of real estate agents that have really good reputations. Talk to a few of them first before you decide on which real estate agent to go with. If you are not comfortable with one particular real estate agent, don’t hesitate to go and find someone else.